"My Mother the Car" the car was made by Norm Grabowski or Barris?

Premiering in 1965, what may be the strangest sitcom of all time is a reminder that borderline brain-dead TV executives have been with us for decades — and deserve no say in the big-budget boardroom. Jerry Van Dyke played a man who discovers that his mother's soul has been reincarnated in his automobile, enabling him to hear her voice through the radio http://www.esquire.com/the-side/feature/worst-tv-shows-100109

Hot Rod Deluxe, May 2010 issue page 69 says Norm made it, and it was owned by Kaye Trapp, Hollywood studio photographer who used it as a push car for the Zueschel, Fuller, and Moody dragster

But according to http://local.aaca.org/junior/starcars/mother.htm Barris built the car; The car's body (finished in Metalflake carnation red with a white top) was made up from various vehicles including a Model T Ford, a Maxwell (precursor to the Chrysler), a Hudson, and pieces of a Chevrolet, including drive train. The car had a custom-made hood and radiator shell.
2 were made, one is at http://starcarstn.com/index.html in Tennessee along with a lot of other cool cars like the Munsters Dragula, and a collection of Barris customs

The video is badly editted news shorts from a local tv station perhaps... it seems like it once had commercials, only the first half is really worth watching