This car guys dream, maybe yours too, find an old garage with a floor hoist, a Sun engine analyzer, some flatheads and a soda machine

If you saw the above, would you have the ambition to fix it up? Restore it to a working garage? Built in the late 1930's and used by a father as a blacksmith/welding shop and later in the 50's one of his sons did automotive repair there until his death in the mid 1970's. The father carried on until his retirement in the 1980's. The shop was then was slowly under used and finally abandoned.
Nice huh!

I cropped the photos so they are aligned to see that the major cool things haven't changed locations, they've just been freed of the detritus that buried them... the Pepsi machine that takes dimes and was still full of change with all those bottles stacked next to it, to the far left 3 oil tanks (30 gal)

Notice the "All Parts and Labor CASH" sign hasn't moved, and the Pepsi machine
through the door on the left
Arc welder on the right and welding table
I was up til 2 in the morning reading through the whole thread and how he cleaned it up, cool stuff and filthy stuff, dug out the hoist and repaired it, rebuilt a couple of clapboard walls with masonry, replaced doors, laid in the drive way, and freed the whole property of 25 years of undergrowth run amok and in that process found the next posts's cool stuff