When karma works in my favor, I find all sorts of cool neglected stuff!

Take a look at the bricks and blocks holding the truck up... they are leaning over badly. Not good.

1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk
1969 Mustang Mach 1

It might be funny to say that the truck was speeding so fast they bent the needle when it hit the peg, but it sure is a striking photo that seems to infer time passing since the last time this truck was a daily worker earning it's way in the world.
"Lead Dray Transfer 50" I don't know what that is about more than the actual definition of the words. However, the woman who brought the truck West from it's origin of the South Dakota Black Hills told me that it used to belong to the guy who delivered coal to her, and when she was married, the guy and his wife stood at her wedding. I infer that the newlyweds bought the coal truck sometime after the wedding, and used it to move their household goods to their new home in California
That milk crate was left in place after it's last use as a makeshift seat.. funny, but I've heard of several people using a milk crate that way.