Seen while out and about

Best on top, a tri 5 trifecta, a convertable, a Nomad, a hardtop... all neglected in the same yard

Yup, a damn big Unit

Olds? Buick?
Looks like a convertable Alfa from the late 50's early 60's? These Italian sports cars are not my area of expertise

Bello is well represented by his truck on the street calling attention to his 3 in the driveway

Looks better in person, when the top is down, and the 4 speed is shifting around 4ooo rpm. Sounds great, but what will just floor you? Looks the divorcing wife is going to make it go away for her half of its value

Check out the utility boxes on the back! This was a shop truck, or construction, or something similar... way cool if someone gave it a second life.