1956 Hudson, now owned by the grandson of the salesman/dealership owner who sold it

That is the rarest radio delete you will ever see. the facia is there, but not knobs or the dial indicator. The doctors wife didn't want the car to have a radio or AC.
The clock photo is oversized for you to used as wallpaper if you like. Most photos I post are, some I make a little bigger for better resolution as wallpaper.
A speedometer I've never seen before! Way cool!
the chevron (the v or check mark piece of chrome) is a nice decoration piece
The front seats slide forward, and their backs fall back flat on the floor, and then you have a queen sized bed.
The most comfortable looking back seats and the biggest armrest I've ever seen

The perfect original brochure stays at home (so does mine, I bring along a slightly tattered copy) but the owner made a copy that would fit in a 3 ring binder if the Original oversized pages were split, makes for a cool display even if there is a bit of over lap.

The owners grandfather was the mechanic at a Hudson shop, and when asked why such a great mechanic didn't own the place he replied he couldn't afford it. The questioner was a doctor of considerable wealth who on the spot loaned the mechanic the money. So a dealership was born, adn this car was sold to the doctor after a while. Here are the mechanic/dealership owner papers on the car he sold to the doctor, who with his wife, used the car just for trips to upstate New York to the summer house getaway.

When the doctor passed away 20-30 years later the widow gave the car back to the dealership owner, who was the only one to ever service it, due to a previous comment that if they ever sold the car, he'd like first chance to buy it. Now the grandson owns and shows the Hudson. Way cool stroy, nice guy, and great documentation!

The manuals that only were ever used, only on this car. You'll likely never see a car that has the actual books that were used to keep it serviced. They may have factory books, but not likley the ones the mechanic used to keep it working, tuned, and with his notes in it on that exact car.