First Tuesday of each month is the Car Club Council meeting, and I made good use of early arrival to get these, from the Museum (Balboa Park Auto)

A quick photo of what the meeting looks like, only imagine 5 times as many people being out of the frame.

These pieces of artwork are on the walls of the meeting room, and the display cases are against one entire side of the room

These display case photos are extra extra large if you want to click on them for details. Nearly all photos will get 1200 wide x 900 tall pixel size, these display case photos are 950 wide x 1800 tall

I'm not sure which I like better

The following series are focused on the temporary motorcycle exhibit at the museum.

Here are a before and after... to show how much of a bland photo a camera takes, and how a minute with photoshop livens it up.

The following series is a good overview (literally from the upper floor balcony) of the regular displayed vehicles at the museum