This is Joe's 8th antique since 1981... He knows how to pick them, a really nice guy too

This is Joe, once a ET1 on the Enterprise, Vietnam era... and spent lots of time in the Persian Gulf too, years if I recall correctly (pardon my errors Joe, I've got a migraine) and once for a bit of R&R a group of Joe's buddies had a beach and beer party... but due to the nutso religion of the gulf area and it's take on us infidels having alcohol, they had to find somewhere off the beaten path.. so a British bomber squadron loaned them the use of a bombing target island! Nothing there but beach, bomb craters, beer and some amazing US sailors!

This unaltered Chevy came out from Indiana (or Illinios... migraine) and gave the transport guys fits... a part in the vacuum pump was cracked 8 ways from Tuesday, and was leaking gas into the carb.. or something like that, and it kept it from starting easily. When they finally arrived in San Diego they had to push it into the driveway... but Joe's very outspoken about what a great professional bunch they are at "Dependable Transport" they previously shipped his t-bird.

I was amazed at the original tires... probably not the factory ones, but still close to that original year... Allstate with Safety Treads! On solid rims.. don't see these much at all... cool look!

But the big cracks on that rubber.. yikes, if it weren't for inner tubes...

Full set of 5 original same make and tread... how amazing?

Almost forgot, Joe bought this for 7 thou through Hemmings!