A " Miami Vice Ferrari Daytona Spyder" from the tv show

"In the 1980s the car gained new notoriety on the first two seasons of NBC's hit television series Miami Vice. The black car used in the series was a replica built on a Corvette chassis. Ferrari execs were not pleased that their company and one of their products was represented on TV by an imitation car. The Daytona replica was eventually destroyed on-screen and replaced with a Ferrari Testarossa, the company's newest model during the time. Recently, ebaymotors.com has made efforts to delete auctions in which Ferrari Daytona replicas were advertised as being just that."

For a really indepth scoop on the 1980 Corvette made to resemble the Ferrari, http://www.wildhorse.com/MiamiVice/faqs/ferrari-faq.html