Just happened across this car collection... wow!

Rarest of all, a supercharged Avanti II, one of one! I'll post more about this one

A 66 convertible Corvette caught my eye when I drove by, so I backed up and stopped to talk cars and was very surprised to be welcomed as an acquaintance, and allowed to take these pictures (sorry about the lousy quality... indoors/low light/ simple camera ) and I learned a lot, but so fast I can recall little... sad about memory loss!

a late 60's Intermeccanica Italia which I'll post specifically about

A Miami Vice tv show car which I'll post more about

a rare red on red convertible air conditioned bucket bench seat

a sweet t'bird, and there were also another similar Mustang, a early Datsun Z

The collection of Phil, owner of the "Joltin Joe's" http://www.joltnjoes.com/

The 3 best pool halls in San Diego in the gaslamp at 349 4th Ave, La Mesa at 8076 La Mesa Blvd, and Escondido at 717 N. Escondido Blvd.

When the taste in the cars if this collection are this high, won't it follow that the business' of Phil are likewise?