"We lost one, but let it be remembered by saving others"

In the effort to get the resources for World War 2, a lot of community activism was powered up. War bonds were sold, silk stocking for women were stalled in manufacturing, in order to use the silk for parachutes http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stories/82/a4217582.shtml
http://www.boingboing.net/2007/05/19/heirloom_parachute_w.html (best story, dress in the Smithsonian) the kids got in to the mood by recycling rubber tires from their bikes, and would go house to house to collect any recycleables that people would give to the war effort.

More to the relevance of my website here, is that cars were scrapped. Just brought down and melted for the steel. Necessary? Appearantly so. Sad? We don't even remember that it happened, and know nothing of the cars that disappeared as a help to the cause of saving the world from the Axis Powers.

I want to help keep the history clean, clear, and known, just as much as I'm able in the car world. So, in 1915 a car company called Locomobile made 2 unique cars... well the bodies were each very one off, and extraordinary in the features that they innovated, that went on to be standard features. One of these two was donated for scrap, one remains in the MAggie Valley Museum in North Carolina. http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com/pages/vintageautos.html

Well here is the only pic I can find of the one that didn't get scrapped.