There is one day left to get to Gene Winfield's 3rd annual open house Custom and Hot Rod show for a quick biography of Gene...

just 2 vehicles he has made that you are probably familiar with are the shuttle from the original tv show Star Trek, and the police vehicle "Spinner" from Blade Runner

Here is what it looked like at 10 am, and the people just never stopped arriving!
Folllowing are some of the cool customs that caught my attention, and this is just a quick sample, I took about 300 photos and have many more to post, but wanted you to get a look so if you feel like it you can get to Gene's tomorrow. The show is on from 10 am to 6 pm. Exit the hwy 138 at Backus Rd, head east about 1/2 mile and then south about a mile, park anywhere along the road.