Stolen car alert, be on the lookout for a '57 black Tbird license plate ZCT 696 (California plate black background, yellow letters)

(Tuesday, 10/5/10) Chris Casny's black 1957 t-bird was stolen in the Hollywood Hills area. If you have any information or any connections to help Chris and his wife out, please contact will get the message to him or will get you his direct contact info.

FYI, if you want to help spread the word on stolen cars, just email me ( ) about the car with at leat 2 photos, one from the front, one from the back... just like the above two photos, and I will post an "Stolen car, be on the lookout for" immediately.

I have 175 other websites that are "Followers" and anything I post immediately shows up on their blogs as the most recent thing I've posted, along with a photo in most cases... and I am positive that no one minds if I use that little space to help out anyone whose car has been stolen.