A list of blogs that are both helpful and resouceful for car restorers

http://www.satellitedish.org/blog/2010/50-essential-blogs-for-restoring-classic-cars/ in their own words "Here are 50 essential blogs for you to read as you embark upon or continue your journey to restoring the car (or cars) of your dreams"

I'm of the opinion that this site is only making lists to drum up traffic, and I thought about that in terms of sending people their way when they are not in this vehicular realm of websites... it's offputting that they are just trying to pump up their stats... but I leave it up to you. The list is fairly complete in including the go-to auto blogs, but it's also obvious to me that they aren't readers of these blogs, and when you read how they describe the sites you are already familiar with.

(#19) http://olragtop.blogspot.com is great, and on my recommended list for sheer enjoyment of John's musings and writings and enjoying life, but it isn't about VW's,

(#13) http://gti-rides.blogspot.com/ is only about 7 pages deep, has nothing to do with restoring or restoration, and is only informative about BMW M30s and a half dozen other cars