Sonny and Cher Mustangs that Barris kustomized went for $198,000

The pair stayed together and sold for $198,000.
Both cars were originally taken straight off Ford’s San Jose assembly line and the Motor Company commissioned the legendary George Barris to personalize these cars to reflect the couple’s flamboyant onstage personas.

Sonny’s Mustang was finished in Murano Gold Pearl, adorned by dark brown side panel and with an orange and gold fade-away treatment over the wheel wells and grille openings. The interior was upholstered with Bobcat fur and antique buffed leather trimmed with rustic suede.
Cher’s Mustang featured a hot pink pearl finish, blended with candy red, deep red side panels and a matching fade-away treatment. It also had white Ermine fur and black antique Scottish leather upholstery, trimmed in hot pink suede. Both cars were fitted with opulent three-inch long Mouton fur carpeting, Sonny’s in gold and Cher’s in hot pink.

Upon completion, the cars were used for publicity purposes before going on to appear in Sonny and Cher’s only feature-length movie, Good Times. Following the movie’s wrap, they toured the car show circuit before they were returned for the use of Sonny and Cher and later reverted back to George Barris.