Relatively unknown, but cool place to get some tools and garage stuff!

This is and example of the bins of tools they acquired from buying up going out of business companies... they also bring a truck to Kobeys swap meet occasionally.
The above tool / shelving cabinet is for ESD stuff like circuit cards

Everyone should have a couple in the garage ( ) a fire extinguisher or two would have saved that Bugatti
Good to know where to find these for sale!

Here is where it leaves the tools and garage stuff, but I've used sig gens, power supplies, oscopes and all that production test equipment, so maybe some of you have too, and want to know where to get some at second hand prices.

Industrial collapsible bins

Solder inspection gear, etc etc

Torque drivers ... and that's just a quick look at some of the stuff they sell at in San Diego, off Miramar Rd.
For the full list, check their website.