1930 - 1941 Harley Spare Parts (factory dealer catalog for twins, servi-cars and sidecars)

Above is a change after the printing, and below is what it covered up

Below: cylinders

Above: Pistons

Above: the listings for the below exhaust parts

Above: chain parts, Below: Sprokets

Above: Frame parts and Below are the listings for them

Above: Handle bars

Above: Tool boxes Below: Fuel tanks

Above: Mudguards (not fenders)

Above: Batteries Below: The logo transfers

Above: Police radios

Above photo was taken when MC let me take a look at the '35 he's gathering the parts to build. The can on the left is the real 1930's or 40's deal, and you can see that from the ad on the back of the catalog. The one on the right is a new can. http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2008/06/just-few-necessary-parts-to-put.html

Thanks to Newt and Tris for letting me share this with you!