top 10 car guys of all time, in no order

Steve McQueen
Henry Ford
Jay Leno
Petersen Publishing founder Bob Petersen
'ol dad Gray Baskerville
NHRA founder Wally Parks
Mickey Thompson
Smokey Yunick
Bob Lutz
Zora Duntov

Not afraid to add to the list instead of bumping anyone off it, I'm adding Enzo Ferrari, who you may not know, was selling cars so he could afford to make and drive race cars.

Am I wrong? Did I not think of some other people who are more of the "car guy" through and through, for their influence, history, ability, hands on knowledge, and passion for vehicles in general? I hope you surprise me! Please either email me at, or use the comment section

East Side (Yo!) adds the following, and I'm going to have to think about them and look them up for my own education before I'm going to add them to my list... some I'm probably going to, but not all of them I think... anyway, here is East Side Richard's top car people:
Giles Villeneuve
Paul Newman
Don Garlits
Shirley Muldowney
Roger Penske
Carroll Shelby
Mark Donahue
Ron Fellows
A.J. Foyt
Phil Hill
Danica Patrick (HOT)
Sterling Moss
Lee Iacoco
Dan Panoz
The Edelbrock family

All right, I'm adding Carroll Shelby to my list without further thought, I've already made the case for Carroll,

I'm adding Bruce Meyer, former chair of the Peterson Museum, collector, restorer, etc. Owns several instantly recognizable cars, like the Pierson bros coupe, the Greer, Black and Prudhomme dragster, the Doane Spencer highboy roadster, and the So-Cal Special bellytanker

Randy add Walter P Chrysler.. who introduced the Plymouth and DeSoto lines of cars in the 1920's and they survived the great depression, something Randy believes was only accomplished by one other line that was introduced in the 20's.... Pontiac
East Side Richard forgot his favorite, Giles Villeneuve in his earlier list, so that is now appended. Giles had the best battle for 2nd place in racing... is the contention of and I agree emphatically. Just enjoy the video: for the first minute, Giles is in the red Ferrari