Speedfest 2008 in the prep area

Thanks to Cody and Les for linking to this post for anyone who wants to see more photos and videos, but since it's not possible to put all of the weekends coverage in just one post, I organized them a bit. See http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/search?q=speedfest for all my photos and videos and you'll find that there are posts on the races by Trans Am type cars, and then posts for the others, posts for the prep area, the car show, the pre race grid, etc

for example this post has my photos of the prep area, and to see Tere's, look at http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2008/10/speedfest-2008-teres-photos-of-pits.html

This is the Edelbrock rig for their race cars... I liked the nose number... number 1

The slight variations in the blue paint between these two photos is from using my polarized sunglasses to filter the lens on my camera to show all of you just haw strange it can be to see things that aren't visible to the human eye, but are visible through polarized lenses.

You probably guessed by the pink racing stripes, it's driven by a woman.

For more photos and videos on Speedfest, and the terrific conglomeration of authentic race cars, see http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/search?q=speedfest and http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2008/10/one-mighty-big-grill-johnsonville-brat.html

Total number of photos : about 500, Total number of videos : 30

The photos are mostly 900 pixels tall, and vary on width... they have highest resolution on Photoshop 7, and were taken with a Nikon coolpix 10 megapixel camera, and cropped with sharp, contrast, and color sometimes.