1936 California permanent trailer license plate, and 68? triumph Spitfire convertible

Imagine for a moment, you have a trailer for your 1930's race car, bonneville land speed racer, early Harley Davidson, and what that trailer needs is a vintage period perfect license plate, now look carefully at the hunk of junk above that needs to be a donor for the benefit of carguys everywhere. So I of course passed along the info to a cool guy whom is in the same neighborhood, and who I hope will do something very cool with that rare trailer plate if the owner is ready to part with that pile of junk.
Here is another cool find while I was out and about, a 68 or 69 Triumph Spitfire Mk 3 convertible looks like it's been sinking into the leaves for 3 decades already, the newest registration sticker looked to be about 1972