Nicola Tesla... unmatched genius, so far ahead of his time he wasn't comprehended, invented radio, patented the speedometer,

by Tesla when he worked for Waltham Watch company

Speed Indicator - 1918 August 6 - Speedometer that possesses the feature of: Linearly proportional torque readings; Strong low speed torsional effects; not affected by atmospheric density, temperature, nor magnetic influences; Rugged; Simple; Economical.

"A new type of speed measurement instument wherein the adhesion and viscosity of a gaseous medium, preferably air, is utilized for torque-transmission from a primary driving to a secondary pivoted and torsionally restrained member under conditions such that the rotary effort exerted upon the latter is linearly proportional to the rate of rotation of the former."
To give an example of an earlier work of his, a "air-drag" speedometer... to illustrate the mental ability of this genius when he is only describing a speedometer for pete's sake!

So, in nearly every vehicle I've ever admired lie the evolved forms of two things that Nicola Tesla invented.... radio and speedometers, which you will see dozens of photos of each here in this blog because I dig the variety in design of both of them. I hope you enjoy!

I just learned of this myself, though I've admired Tesla for some time due to other things he invented and accomplished (truely a unique and remarkable man who invented things other genius' could not even comprehend) by reading the last page of the March issue of Automobile magazine