Dirt bike track at Barona under siege by noise nazis

Via http://piratemonkeycult.wordpress.com/2008/03/21/dome-it/ came word that noise nazis are trying to get every possible govt agancy to shut down a dirt bike track at a local reservation.


I'm very glad to learn of the one example of vehicluar activities not being relocated, or shut down, due to complaints of neighbors.

No other location for off road enjoyment of internal combustion engines has endured and overcome the adversity of homeowners, residents, or tenants to my knowledge of race tracks, drags race sites, or oval tracks.

It's a rare occurance when cicumstances do not allow the complaints of a vocal minority who catterwaul to the press, EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and unknown other official entities who have likely been contacted to act as agents to close, diminish, or outlaw the extremely rare track or other outdoor area for enjoyment or cars, trucks or motorbikes.

Just last year I believe the Imperial Dunes environmentalists were trying to get Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) banned from the sand dunes because some insignificant flower of no environmental impact (my opinion) was found to only exist in the sand dunes... and perhaps a handful of intelligent beings in the whole universe are aware of it's existance. Why it should matter to any species that a flower may cease to continue its existance on this planet of 6 billion humans, and countless billions of other creatures, who have no contact or knowledge of it's existance, is baffling to myself.

So long as anyone gets to enjoy the USA in any mode of transportation a teetotaler finds offensive, there will be environmental nazis who have no life to find comfort in beyond stamping down the freedom associated with gas powered vehicles that bring poeple to locations where the vehicles can be enjoyed by those fortunate enough to find a use for barren deserts, blasted death valleys, dry lakebeds, forest trails, frozen lakes, national parks, and outskirts of town where drags strips once existed.

Southern California once had 9 or 10 quartermile dragstrips south of Bakersfield. Now only 1. Pomona. Not all were closed by noise nazis and NIMBY (not in my back yard) types who moved into the area and then found it offensive to have previous users who could make happiness from nitro burning hemis, but most were. Case in point, the noise nazis who have moved into Miramar after the US military found that the land was a really good location for aeroplane takeoff, landing, and practice. 1997 found another coordinated effort by noise nazis to force previous tenants (US military) from continuing to use the airstrips, due to the change from F14, F16, F18 etc of the Topgun era of NAS Miramar to the helicopter needs of the USMC, who became the newest in a chain of Department of Defense agencies who could best use the base that has been a military asset for about 100 years since the US needed the area for horses for the US Army infantry.

About time, I say, that somehow myriad circumstances align in an area that can continue to be of use to ORV users who find happiness in minding their own business instead of trying to outlaw the pleasures of others. How'd prohibition work out for those lawmaking teetotaling religious zealot busybodies anyway?