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Email me at to comment, or if you'll help me learn something about my readers

I'm wondering what city and country you are in,
If you have a website of your own,
How old you are,
Male of female,
If you have your own musclecar, race car, motorbike, show car, or something similar...
How you found this blog,
How often you check back to see what new stuff I've posted,
What you prefer to look for here, news, photos, the oddball stuff, links to other websites I liked, etc
What you liked most that I posted,
Whether you looked at all the stuff I've posted since Nov 2006...
What your 5 (or so) favorite automotive blogs or websites are

My email is if you will fill me in.

I'm curious is all, the cool little map widget on this blog in the upper right hand corner shows us where people are looking at this blog from, and how many (about 320 a day) and I'm wondering about how many women vs men read my blog, etc etc.

I hope you keep enjoying what I find entertaining enough to post for you and my friends.