Shorebreak, Ron Berry custom woodie... fantastic, from concept to creation!

From the ingenuity of Ron, a car customizer for about 50 years. From So Cal originally, but now residing and crafting from his garage in Utah.
This incredible custom was handmade by Ron, he said the paint was farmed out, but the design, wood working, fiberglass, metal crafting, etc etc... all by Ron.
The snobs at Wavecrest... wouldn't let him park in the main lot... they weren't allowing "new" "nontraditional" woodies in the main lot. It's just for the oldsters. Now how screwed up are they?
My take on the whole car show is that it's to promote the idea that woodies are significantly unique in the car world, and that Wavecrest is to have a gathering of all the woodies made by all the manufacturers.. like the New Zealand Morris, the Austin, the Rolls Royce, and Lasalle, Packard, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, Morris Minor, and unusual 4X4 woodies by Dodge, Mercury, and the customs like Morzuki.
But when Ron drove up they sent him to the back of the bus. The only woody newly crafted to celebrate woodies and surfing, and the organizers disrespect it like this.
Boooooooooooooo. May they get plagued by termites, dry rot, and rust moths.