Sept 7 at the 1/8th mile drags in the Qualcomm parking lot, West side, sponsor

It was fast 5 minute turnarounds at about 7pm, but the crowds never slowed and I left at 9pm... lots to do. is a huge smoke signal from a couple of months ago, same plaec, same car
Lots 'O smoke to get some haet in the tires. Consistant 7.84's all night with a 496, auto, 3.55's, and ladder bars all linking together the slicks and the Indy heads.

For a good demo of how to make smoke from tires and horsepower.... here's Fred making a cloud

Pardon the fuzzy shot, but the camera ain't expensive, just easy to use.

A semi candy dark blue, looks real nice! Dig the late 68 plates for a early 69 Bee. Must have been a late fall sale.

This is all that is left after one night of fun with a 496 cu in Super Bee.