Friday night 1/8th mile races at the Q. (Qualcomm Stadium for out of towners)

One fast full race Grabber Maverick... like you'll ever see one again.

67 440 6 pack Coronet

And a v8 dual quad Volvo, someone has a warped sense of humor and spare car parts here.

The fake cop car... like they would get a regular daily cruiser on the drag strip

The 1931 from Old School Hot Rods.. on a Model T frame, so it's actually streetable I suppose.

8009 Balboa AveSan Diego, CA 92111

Better pics at from June at the Clairemont center 4th Saturday of the month car get together.

Waiting for tech to look them over... all they need are NHRA standard rules compliant for their speed. Seat belts, pants, shoes, battery hold down, no leaks, a radiator over flow catch can... the usual.