Javelin Astro Spiral Jump

J & M Production Astro Spiral AMC Javelin over 30 feet upside down in the air! This death defying stunt was first done in Houston at the Astrodome. It would later appear at thrill shows all over the country. There were 6 of these special six cyinder Javelins used, mostly stipped with no options and beefy front ends and if you ever saw them land after doing a 360 you would know why. The most famous of this particular jumps was utilized the the James Bond (AMCers call it a AMC Cult Classic!!) film "The Man With The Golden Gun" whereas a red 360V8 powered Hornet hatchback performs same stunt over a canal in Thailand.

 This fleet of unusual cars were part of the J. M. Productions Hells' Drivers tour, which also included many Gremlins, Matadors and Hornets. This "Stunt" of driving a car roughly 42mph up a ramp, spinning in a 360 degree turn and landing on another ramp was first performed in the Houston Astrodome here in the early 1970s, 1972 to be exact. It was also unheard of because the feat was done on computers first, which is common nowadays. Driver Chick Galiano gears up in this photo in the cavernous Astrodome... with flashbulbs popping, hearts thumping, breath holding, beer spilling in the Astrodome, Chick performs a never before done stunt before a sellout crowd of over 66,000 people in 1972!! A almost near perfect landing and the crowd was on it's feet; and word quickly spread about this amazing triumph in a six cylinder 72 Javelin. Several of these cars (I understand there was six used in the tour) still exist in Buffalo, NY.