from 1895 to 1910 was an era of the horseless carriage and innovators who were trying every innovative way of making steam (5 of these are steam) or gasoline powered vehicles of incredible variety in designs

C. L. 1895 Simmonds' Steam Carriage
 The steering handle looks like a kids wagon handle.  1895 Electrobat Runabout
\1895 Joseph Shaver's Steam Buggy, Milwaukee, WI

 1895 Roger Petroleum Wagon
 1895 Victoria Motorette racine Motor vehcile co
 1895 Woods Electric Landau
 1896 Dey-Griswold Electric Phaeton
 1896 Enig Steamer, Jacksonville, FL
 1896 Hiram Percy Three Wheeler
 1897 Charles Burrows... wonder how long it took hime to learn that a narrow front end isn't good in corners
1897 Reeves Motor Wagon
 1898 Altham Deliver Van
 1898 Eastman Electro-Vehicle
 1898 Piper and Tinker Steam Buggy
 1898 Winton Delivery Wagon
 1899 General Electric Brougham
 1899 International Motor Wheel Delivery Van
 1899 International Motor Wheel Delivery Van
 1900 Coca Cola Wagon
 1900 Orient Autogo
1901 Century Tourist  Steamer

 1901 Ford Race Car
 1901 Ford Runabout
1901 Franklin
 1901 Trimotor Crescent
 1902 Automotor with a rumble seat... really is the progenitor of the rumble seat
 1902 Stearns Steam Surrey

 1902 Thomas Touring
 1902 Toledo
 1902 W.S. Rogers Transit Steam Wagon
 1902 Winton Bullet Race Car.
 1903  Oldsmobile Pirate Race Car
 1903 Duryea Three Wheeler
 1903 Mitchell
 1903 Oldsmobile enclosed body... wow, what a funky design
 1903 Pullman Six Wheel Touring
 1904 Oldsmobile Pie Wagon
 1904 Peerless Barney Oldfields' Racer,   this is the Green Dragon
 1905 Scharbach  (Hill Climber) Roadster
 1906 Shawmut The winner of the 1909 Pan Pacific Race from New York City to Seattle
 1907 Bugmobile
1907 Duer High Wheeler 

1907 Lansden Electrette

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