Ridelust has a top 25 auto website list (I made their list!) and recommended blogs

I’m entirely moved, wow! Thanks! You’ve paid me an enormous compliment to feel my hobby compares favorably with the likes of Jalopnik, the NY Times Wheels section, wonderful Hooniverse, Dan’s Hemmings blog, Autoblog, Edmunds, Carscoop, B.A.T, … the websites I admire.

Is mine the only no advertising, no pop-up, non job, done after work, camera / laptop / and love of cars operation in your top 25? I’m astounded! Take that high school career counsler!

Long live car porn and the humor we find and post for readers! Many compliments to the 80 sites I recommend in my blog roll, Ride Lust has been one for years!

With admiration for vulcanized rubber and all the uses we’ve found for it, with adoration for affordable tech like digital cameras, laptops, and jacking into neighbors wifi to upload to my blog, with love for the bloggers, photographers, and artists, the hot rodders, the hoons, the metal shapers, the body working masters, the designers, racers, owners, and rich buggers who can afford to keep Foose on retainer, admiration and respect for the lakes racers, salt streamliners, innovators like Navarro, Munro, and Blastolene Bros…

http://www.ridelust.com/ridelust%e2%80%99s-top-25-car-blog-and-websites/ this is the coolest thing to happen since I was picked as the artist of the month for my photography: In related news, in December '09 I was the artist of the month of the Photographer's Formulary company monthly online newsletter: http://www.photoformulary.com/images/2009%20Newsletters%20folder/December2009NL.pdf