Burt's trailer... simple and effective

The two above images are from http://badassmofos.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/herbert-james-munro/ which has a really well written biography of Burt, and a couple of good photos too.

Read about how a New Zealander accidentally found Burt's trailer on ebay http://www.indianmotorbikes.com/features/munro/trailer/index.htm

".... 1975, the last time Burt ever went to America. They also informed me that they were the last owners of the American Indian Motorcycle Company in Monrovia, California. The American Indian Motorcycle Company was Burt’s home base when he went to America. He would store his bike streamliner and trailer there. Each year he would bring back his latest engine and mount it into the frame then put the streamliner on to his faithful trailer and way he would go off to Bonneville.He did this from 1962 until 1971 and every year he used the same Trailer, Indian Scout Frame and Streamliner.
Burt had sold the Indian Scout, Streamliner and Trailer to a local American gentleman on his last trip to America in 1975. The buyer said he did not want the trailer and it has been stored under another larger trailer for the last thirty years. The trailer was built by Burt Munro himself out of an old Indian sidecar on a farm in Invercargill it still has the original New Zealand number plate attached. "
For all the coverage of Burt Munro you'll ever find in one place: http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/search/label/Burt%20Munro 'cause Burt was one of a kind, innovative, inspirational, hot rodder, designer, inventive, motorcycle racer, tenacious and from all I've read, one of the best blokes you'd ever meet.
Here's to you Burt! and to Sir Anthony Hopkins for doing him justice in the movie.