General Motors (GM) Heritage Collection was up for auction

Now that might be the saddest instance of how the directors and chairman of GMC have screwed up the company they were hired to serve and maintain.

They are selling their history. They are selling the accomplishments of the founders.

They aren't selling the corporate jets, executive perk limos, or the perk drivers they are given.

When you have no pride, and you have no history, you have no respect for yourself and won't be respected by your potential customers.

For a inside look at a true journalists take on the heritage collection being sold off:

The slogan GM has on the website about the collection "to celebrate the past and present a path to the future".
I doubt the path was meant to be to bankruptcy.

The list of cars that GM is selling off:

More vehicles will be sold in April at a car collectors' auction in West Palm Beach, Fla