1930 Minerva, the 2008 Best in Show winner at last years LaJolla Motor Car Classic

The artist signed his sculpture.

This sheet of instructions was pulled out from under the seat when the Judge came over to function test the headlights. I find it poignant that vehicles have evolved so far from the simple origins that, while knowing how to operate most modern cars, how to do a simple operation of head lights isn't intuitive.

Owned by Paul Emple, the Isotta Frashini owner, and he replied to a question about driving pleasure that this Minerva is the least pleasant to drive. I believe he referred to the lack of ps / pb.
Some photos are borrowed from my girlfriend Tere, her website: http://justacargal.blogspot.com/2009/01/la-jolla-motor-car-classic-mind-blowing.html
Minerva is one of the few Belgian marques, and this appears to be the 1 of 7 known to exist of the 50 made in 1930... and this is the only known Cabriolet AL model. http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z13370/Minerva-AL.aspx