The New York Times digs into the Unique Performance company losing the Foose and Shelby contracts

In a new twist to the lawsuits and allegations of screwing over customers due to not delivering on time and on cost, it's the local cops and Texas state officials who seized 61 cars in an investigation into title washing (salvage titles being cleared by retitling in a different state - which makes the salvage title stigma disappear)

In another story from a local CBS station, a lot of the workers stayed on to finish some of the Foose Stallions after the shop was raided by police. Just dedicated to the cars, how cool is that?

We have word that Unique Performance utilized hard-core Texas prison inmates to help build the cars, and each of the hand-built Mustangs contained over 13 gallons of Bondo body filler. VIN numbers were illegally removed, and some parts of this re-built American classic were coming from Taiwan. per :