25 car collection barn find

Via the Garageblog October 3rd posting, http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/Default.aspx?tabid=520&articleid=8181&articlemid=1519#1519Articles

Gives lots of pictures of a big barn in Massachusetts full of 1920's and 30's cars that haven't seen sunlight for decades.

the collection was from a guy and his dad who ran a service station, their collection was gathered for decades, and includes these 21 cars. The other 4 don't seem to be called out in the article.

a 1903 steam-powered Locomobile runabout
1911 Model T Ford touring
1912 Pierce.
1912 Pierce Model 36 Brougham
1916 Stanley touring
1916 Overland four-cylinder touring,
1917 Empire touring car powered by six-cylinder Continental engine,
1920s Moon coupe
1923 Dagmar.
1925 Pierce-Arrow Model 80 sedan,
1931 Renault town car
1934 Packard Junior Eight sedan
1935 sedan
1937 Packard Twelve,
1937 Cadillac V-8 convertible sedan
1939 Judkins limousine
three Lincoln Model Ks with 12-cylinder engines
The Brunn transformable town car
and a 1954 Packard Clipper.