A little John Deere info. (and the photo is of a Model D)

I ran across a tidbit that I'm looking up, of a motorbike made by John Deere, (this ain't it: http://www.given.it/JohnDeere.htm repeat, not it) in the search for that I came across the history of John Deere, and found it interesting. Link to it for the full shot, but the short side is this:

Born 1804, Vermont
Became a blacksmith in 1825, was regarded highly for his quality and ingenuity.
In the mid 1830-s business hit a depression.
In 1836 he learned about the pioneers sucesses, moved west to Illinios. Set up a forge.
Soon learned of the difficult soil conditions that East coast plows didn't work well in, designed a better plow.
Realized that demand would be greater than he could supply, so innovated the production before demand. No kidding, until this time it was only made when ordered, no on the shelf stock.
Went to his customers with his perfect plows, sold like nothing anyone had seen.
1843 imported steel from England
1848 founded his company with the highest standard ""I will never put my name on a plough that does not have in it the best that is in me."
1868 incorporated his business
1867 His son takes over running the business with the standard "if he did not improve and refine products, somebody else would."
1918 Its role as a significant force in the tractor industry began when it purchased the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company.
1924 John Deere inc. produced its Model D.