Bee's and R/T's at the San Diego Mopar Club car show

Of interest to 440 6pack Superbee lovers alone, here are 2 of the 4 known to be in San Diego. I haven't seen Tom's red one in 10 years though. They are distinguished by the stripe around the trunk, here are the white stripe and black stripe... the other is a stripe delete (you will still see the round Super Bee decal). The story was told to me that he was really enthsiastic about how fine his rare Bee is, (and you can see it here: ) well one of the guys who was talking to him, soon after it first got in town, happened to mention that there are already two green 440 6 pack cars in San Diego (these two you see here) and just took the wind out of the guys sails. As rare as these are, there are 3 in town. The odds are just infinite I bet.

Six Pack Bee stats
Hard tops (WM23M) coupes (WM21M).
They made 1487 hard tops (661 auto and 826 4-spd)
420 coupes (153 auto and 267 4-spd).