best compliment of the day, maybe all week! Top 3 spot in Best Blogs of the year

Just A Car Guy
You never know what you'll get, but it's all car related and it's all cool.

This year we set out to come up with a useful and interesting list showcasing 100 of the best blogs on the Internet. This list should give you a good inside track into the vast world of ideas out there on the Internet. It's impossible to scour the net for all worthy blogs in a list like this. And we are sure to have left some important blogs out.

To put the list together we polled 30 Internet professionals who make their living as online influencers: social media experts, publishers, internet marketers. This left us with a list of over 360 unique blogs. From there, our editors identified the most commonly nominated blogs and made sure to include them in their respective category. All remaining blogs were evaluated based on criteria such as uniqueness, influence, community engagement, and so on.

The end result is a unique list of blogs that is both familiar and surprising. We hope this list can serve as a useful starting point for all your blog reading needs.