"The Road to Bonneville" DVD ! Cool !

Watched it, thouroughly enjoyed it! The Rolling Bones "Wicked Sisters" on a road trip from New York state to Bonneville, and we get to watch and enjoy instead of roadside repair the headgasket that blew.... now I'm all for a bonding experience that you get to relive forever as a great story of how you had to wrench on the roadside with only a flashlight to illuminate the process, but it's pretty cool to just watch from the couch as a couple of hot rodders cruise cross country to hot rod racing mecca, Bonneville.

All the drama and time limit builds on reality TV frustrate, this documentary doesn't!
It's cool just to catch a look at a couple hot rodders driving dueces, and delivering their B'ville ready race '32 to tech inspection. I was surprised at what it takes to pass tech, so the movie is informative on that aspect, as well as who and what Rolling Bones is without having to read the magazine articles (you know I just look at the pictures right?!) Another film by AtomicHotRods is Devil at Your Feet, and I'll fill you in on that in a later post, so check back!
The soundtrack is music from Electric Frankenstein http://www.electricfrankenstein.com/ and in the extra's on the DVD you can just close your eyes, turn up the volume and enjoy a flathead rapping away

Order one here: http://www.amazon.com/Road-Bonneville-Brian-Darwas/dp/B001HL31BG
Also, DVD's can be purchased and a trailer can be viewed online at:
www.AtomicHotRods.com or by mail, $24.95 + $4.50 for shipping (Foreign/ Non-U.S. orders add an additional $2.50 to cover shipping)
Payable in U.S. Funds to:
Brian Darwas - P.O. Box 467 - New York, NY 10461

Film Credits:
- Director: Brian Darwas
- Shot, Edited, and Produced by: Brian Darwas
- Executive Producer: Jennifer Carchietta
- Starring: The Rolling Bones, Ken Schmidt and Keith Cornell

If you think I've posted one of these dueces before, so did I, but it was another they must have built for a customer: http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2009/11/cool-stuff-that-caught-my-attention-at.html