Ricky Bobbys Rod Shop rat rod Frankenstein. I dig it. But it wasn't built by Garrett and Sons (name on the doors), it was made by RickyBobbyRodShop

Rory left a comment, but not his email, so I can't email him to thank him for the tip that this was built by RickyBobbyRodShop http://rickybobbysrodshop.com/rods/frankenstein I like the glass in the roof, and the Cragar S/S hubcap as a cowl gas cap

Cool coil cover, no idea where they could find it. It sure breaks from the usual beer can trend

Terrific stop light, I wonder what it came from?

Well, a commentor cleared this mystery up, Tondeleo knew that "The STOP light is an old cop car light. It would be mounted on the front passenger side fender of the car, facing backwards at a 45 degree angle. As they would overtake the car they were pulling over, they would turn on the STOP sign."

I've also just recently seen them on the back of old school busses

For the other terrific hot rod from RickyBobby http://choosingscars.blogspot.com/2011/01/ricky-bobbys-rod-shop.html