Don't you wish your uncle left a rare old 1909 motorcycle in the family attic for you?

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the whole story of a 1909 Curtiss that was auctioned off for 200 thousand dollars,

The 'Great Uncle' buys a Curtiss v-twin new in '09 with a reliable and powerful v-twin of 1000cc, with direct belt drive and a rare clutch option. Unfortunately, by 1917 the owner had a bad spill and broke his leg, and the Curtiss was stuffed int he attic for the next 40 years. In 1957, the current owner, then 13 years old tinkered on the Curtiss with his uncle, who fell ill shortly after, and the old bike sat in the family attic for another 50 years.... during which time the house had been abandoned! In 2008, the seller returned, found it and took it home where his son informed him of the potential market value.

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