More good photos from Speedfest

Also see Tere's coverage of Speedfest and and

Above: Fiat Jolly, known for the wicker seats
The only race car in it's division with pinstriping... yes, another race car was at Speedfest with pinstriping, or maybe 2.. the AMX's
Even striped on the side view mirrors

"I get by with a little help from my friends"

This driver looks as calm on the pre race grid as he does on the track

Military getting a ride in a race car, very cramped, but very cool

Above: Having fun, and ain't it cool?!
Above: Some people have grocery getters, this guy has a coffee getter
Yeah, this guy sticks out among the race car owners and drivers... I've got no idea what he is doing dressed like this, but I believe he owns the 711 Porsche

Notes in the pits

Only one guy has this ring.
This is Jim Wangers, godfather of the GTO... and Tere was asking him some questions

You know.

Above: Lots of white helmets

Above, great Cobra wallpaper
This was media day and the rides were given out first come first serve... I wasn't in time

Challengers are very cool.
That is a lot of decals!

I'm not sure why "Testirosa" but I get that it's humorous

Above, the only Porsche hood ornament I've ever photographed
The chrome on the grills and headlights was particularly cool in the above photo

This guy knows how to draw a crowd! For all I know he's a drift legend... he probably is

A comparison pair of photos just for us gearheads