Encinitas car cruise is a source of cars I don't see at the more heavily photographed closer cruises

A compare and contrast here

Why bring dogs? I don't get it. Isn't a crowd of people difficult enough to walk around in without pushing a baby carriage with dogs in it?

To the right of the bottle opener (cool thing to have on the dash) is Jimmy Shine's autograph
Umm. . . he is the newest custom hot rod builder at So-Cal Speed Shop http://www.jimmyshine.com/bio-index.htm


Nice Plymouth custom! It's gonna be great when it's got one color

The ashtray for the back seat passengers.. yeah, obsolete as the choke lever, I know

I like the contrast of the 60's headlights and fender vs. the 08. Why do they continue to carry on a name when the next generation has no resemblence to the original? The only common factor I can think of is that they both have 4 tires.

Above: still my favorite duece for the paint scheme

Prototype '65 Ford GT40 MK1 tribute by the Bailey Edwards Cars company in South Africa

Well done tanks!