The unusual car zodiac of Francois Dallegret from those strange 1960's

These are hanging in the San Diego Auto Museum in Balboa Park in the library (South side wall inside the museum)

Born in Morroco in Sept 1938, Francois became an architectural student. His draftsmanship is the predominent feature of this series of motorcars he concieved and designed to suit the personalities of those people born under the twelve Zodiac signs. His work was primarily in the 1958-1969 years, and very little is on the internet about him.
The link at the end of this post has a lot of photos of him and his type 57 Bugatti

 about half way down the left side there are two small paragraphs, the bottom one is Dessins Automobilismes Machinations click on Automobilismes for a very thourough gallery of more of the car art of Francois. It's amazing how much more there is, and it's all coded so I can't just right click and save and show it to you here.