1930 Model A, happened across while a mechanic was trying to get it running

The body hasn't been repainted
That's the original floor mat, in the rumble seat area.
When the grandson of the owner inherited it, and pulled it out of the barn it had been stored in for many years, he had a mechanic try to get it running.
The battery was in backwards .. early Fords had positive ground, not the modern negative ground.
These 16 inch rims have a story... the 1932- 34 Fords had 16 inch rims, whereas the 1930 and 31 had 19 inch rims.
In the 40's everyone switched from 19 inch rims to 16 inch rims, because all the military vehicles had 16 inch rims and only 16 inch tires were being manufactured. The interesting side effects of WWII shortages and rationing... in the example of rims on hot rods.