Emile Claveau, a designer of innovative cars..

this is the 1932

this is the 1956.

For a short bio, and full story: http://www.tbauto.org/claveau/ from the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum in Pinellas Park, Florida website.

For a online gallery of the vehicles at the Tampa Bay Auto Museum: http://flickr.com/photos/forwardlookguy/sets/72157601481866394/

I stumbled across this from http://www.kitfoster.com/archive/2007_04_01_archive.html

Alain Cerf is a man with a mission. Designer of packaging equipment made by his company Polypack, Inc., in Pinellas Park, Florida, he is understandably interested in innovative machinery. As a collector of automobiles he favors those with distinctive engineering: front-wheel drive, rear engines, unusual engines and suspensions. A native of France, he has a particular fascination with his countryman Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.
Alain has ensconced his collection of cars at his Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, an eclectic assembly of engineering masterpieces. Not surprisingly, many of them are French, including the groundbreaking Citroën 2CV, a Peugeot Darl'Mat, Voisin C7, Amilcar Compound and the last car of Emile Claveau.