Motorhead madness, Poway Transmissions annual car show

1930 Pontiac, about 27 thousand original miles the sign said
The radiator cap is so scarce, and attractive, that the owner told me that ebay has these going for around 5 thousand dollars.

I wonder how long the courtesy and civility of the "Correspondence pertaining to" was on the body tag, before the company types were tired of getting letters about the cars they produced? It is a notable sign of that generation's more civil and polite behavior, I believe. We now see all traces of such customer service courtesy have been removed, and replaced by "press 1 for .... and press 2 for... press 3 if ... " etc.

I dig the designed handles and ashtrays of the 30's cars

When a "hub cap" was literally capping the hub, and not a big piece of adornment to cover up the rim, and cheaply change the looks of an unattractive rim to appear similar to an expensive aftermarket rim.

The gas cap, and original key to it

I noticed the cool design of the rear speaker grill...

This is still in the hands of the original owner, who bought it at the young age of 18, when her father went down to the dealership with her to co-sign on the financing. She married a cool guy in the next year, and they are still married, with a couple of great Mustangs.

These were found under the sound deadener in the back of the blue car when it was restored....
Click on them to get the full size
His is the blue one on the right hand side

Great looking shop interior!

59 and red on the left, 55 blue and white on the right

I love before and after photos

Beautiful suede and chrome!