Parade Mustang with rumble seat, 1 of 4

This is just one of four Playboy Pink special builds for parades.

Possibly the same as this listing 1969 FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE, V-8, PINK, PRESENTED TO PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR IN 1969 BY HUGH HEFNER, TROPHY WINNER, FRAME OFF RESTORATION, GARAGE KEPT AND COVERED., Vehicle condition: 2, Lot No.: 459, Highest Bid: $12200 - SOLD Ft. Myers, FL - March 20 & 21 1999. No image.

Of course, this website and picture states the playmate of the year was given an AMX, "an all pink AMX was given to Playboy's Playmate of the Year, Angela Dorian. She still owns the car, but she seems to like the Rolling Stones, as she since painted it black"

This is the picture link

This car is so unknown that it doesn't even show up or get mentioned on this website devoted to freaking rare mustangs...

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