Incredible new cars

The Swedish-made, 245 mph-capable Koenigsegg CCR currently holds the Guinness World Record for speed in a production car and costs $722,534 (see BW Online, 3/24/06, "A Revolution in Swede Speed").

At full bore, the upcoming 1,001 horsepower Bugatti Veyron, meanwhile, burns through its entire fuel supply in a mere 12.5 minutes at full speed (253 mph) Which is good, because the tires will only last for 15 minutes at this speed. Convienent, No?

By the way, I worked out the fuel consumtion of my 69 Coronet R/T...
at a 1/8th mile race I made 4 passes...
grand total - 1/2 mile.
I went through 1/2 tank of 100 octane avgas (about 4 bucks a gallon).
Thats works out like this; 1/2 mile = 10 gallons = 36 seconds....
20 gallons (full tank) = 1 minute 12 seconds = 1 mile (this is all at wide open throttle)
Somehow this doesn't sem like it makes sense, but the fuel gauge and the time slips tell the story
9 second 1/8th mile too.